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Bulgaria: Suspension of driver’s license – when?

In compliance with tha last changes in Traffic Law in Bulgaria (amended in 2017) a new penalty „a temporary suspension of driver’s license“ will be imposed in case of traffic violations as:

  • if the driver does not meet the medical or psychological requirements;
  • if the dirver is driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of more than 0.5 per thousand established by a medical examination or by a technical means determining the alcohol content of the blood by measuring it in the exhaled air or under the influence of narcotic drugs or their analogues;
  • if the driver refused to be tested by a technical means or to give blood for medical examination for alcohol and/or drug use – up to 18 months;
  • if te driver, due to ignorance or lack of knowledge, has made a non minor violation of the traffic rules – until a successful driver’s test is passed;
  • if the driver carries public transport of passengers or goods by a vehicle that is not included in the list of a licensed or certificated authorities – for 1 month;
  • if the driver drives a vehicle with a fine imposed on him/her, not paid within the period of voluntary payment – up to the payment of the fine due;
  • if the driver drives a motor vehicles without a valid compolsory Liability insurance – until the provision of a valid insurance;
  • if the driver, when driving a vehicle, enters agaisnt or after a road sign prohibiting the entry of the relevant vehicle, when a temporary ban is introduced  outside populated areas – for 1 month;

If the vehicle registration plates has been removed and/or the driver’s license has been withdrawn, the vehicle may be transported by an authorized driver to a place of storage or to the nearest settlement within 12 hours from the time of establishment of the infringement.


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