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Bulgaria: Without registration plate for traffic rules violations

In compliance with the lattest change in the Traffic Law in Bulgaria, „removal of the vehicle registration plates“ is imposed as additional penalty measure for violations of the traffic rules. See the offences:

  • when the owner drives the vehicle without having the appropriate or/and valid driver’s license;
  • when the owner drives a vehicle when he/she has used alcohol with a blood concentration of more than 0.5 per thousand and/or narcotic substances or their analogues; or if he/she refused to be tested for alcohol or/and drug use by technical means or blodd alcohol/drug test;
  • when the owner allows his/her vehicle to be driven by a person who doesn’t has the relevand or/and valid driver’s license;

If the vehicle registration plates has been removed and/or the driver’s license has been withdrawn, the vehicle may be transported by an authorized driver to a place of storage or to the nearest settlement within 12 hours from the time of establishment of the infringement.

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