Creepy stickers against high-beam users

All of us know how difficult is to drive followed closely by a car with high-beam on…

How the drivers in China is fighting the high-beam users on the road?

The China drivers found irregular way to make high-beam users to use the low-beam.

Some drivers in parts of China are so fed up with tailgating high-beam users that they’ve resorted to using these freaky as shit rear window decals that are only visible when the high-beam is flicked on. The ghoulish decals feature images of ghosts, spirits and monsters from Eastern and Hollywood films.

The stickers are visible only if  you drive high-beam. As soon as you switched on the low-beam… the stickers disappeared.

Ofcourse the police is ticketing folks who are using the creepy decals. (As you can see a ghostly face staring right back at you are really creepy and might cause an accident.)


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