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Driving Tests 2017, with explanations, already for Android OS

Driving Tests DAI 2017, with explanations, are already available as a mobile application for Android in Google Play in English. 

Driving Theory Tests shofior.com

The questions and answers included in the Application are developed in compliance with the official matrix approved by EAAA as the official once needed to pass the Official theory driving exams for obtaining driving licenses in Bulgaria.
Last review by shofior.com in June 2017Last update: July 2017.

The information in the tests, for each category, is regularly updated in any changes in the Road Traffic Law and related Regulations and Acts.

The application icludes driving theory tests for all vehicle categories and could be use on Android mobile phones, Android Tablets and other Android OS mobile devices.

Once you download the Application Driving DAI 2017, you have the option to purchase the tests for the selected category and use them in Training and Exam modes from Google Play:

  • В, В1 (1440 questions with explanations)
  • А, А1, A2 (1280 questions with explanations)
  • Ткт (Т) (1248 questions with explanations)
  • Ттм, AМ (1184 questions with explanations)
  • C (900 questions)
  • C1 (450  questions)
  • D, D1 (225  questions)
  • DE, CE (225  questions)

Tha application can be used in TRAINING and EXAM mode, where the number of the right answers of each wuestions is pointed, and the score point will be added to the total score only in case all the right answers are selected) within the timed interval.

What you can find in the Driving Theory Tests 2017?

„Training mode“:

  • explanations „these are the righ answers, explanation of the traffic rules applied in the current situation;
  • hints „highlight the right answers“
  • number of the right ansers on each questions
  • points, that will be added to the total score in case all right answers are selected
  • time counting

 „Exam“ mode:

  • number of the right ansers on each questions
  • statistics of the wrong answered questions
  • time counting
  • points, that will be added to the total score in case all right answers are selected

Additional extras:

  • Share the results on the social networks (facebook icontwitter icon
  • Sound signaling in case of the selected wrong answer
  • Feedback with the shofior.com Team

For more information or questions on the Driving Theory Tests 2017, please find us on:

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