How to find a great instructor or good Driving School?

There is no such ting as an ideal  driving instructor and driving school!
Any driving student has his/her own style of driving and learning the theory and practice lessons. If one instructor and a car was perfect for your friend, it is quite possible for you this is not so.

So what to do?

First of all start talking to your friends and acquaintances, who relatively soon have attended the driving courses and successfully passed the final exams. Find out where they learned to drive, how the course was  flowed and what impression remained.

Useful information can be collected from Internet forums and social groups also. Well, some of reviews and posts are probably written by the instructors or their associates, not from real candidate drivers, but if you look at those who have private profiles (different users) or automobile forums, you can get pretty useful and trusted information.

The answers of some basic questions can direct you to the right for you instructor and Driving School:
1. Comments and personal opinions from your relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances about driving schools in which they were trained and about their driving instructor;
2. References to specific driving school or instructor from strangers on the Internet;
3. Online comments to posts of various driving schools;
4. Information and feedback on different educational models cars (the driving schools use to teach you), on city regions or outside populated areas where the driving lessons are provided.

The one of the most important thing when you collect data and information is to understand how the training/driving lessons taken reflected on your friends final exam results. When you collect opinions and feedback from friends and acquaintances is important to understand how they coped on the final exam (theoretical and practical), do they successfully passed the exam at once or they have to repeated the exams 2 or more time. The most valuable are the opinions of people who have managed to obtain driving license (without changing school or instructor) and especially those were able to pass successfully the exams at first.

The price

The price, is understandably leads to many people, but its is not a good indicator for quality lessons. The cheapest course is often not good enough, and the most expensive course sometime is going to be unreasonably expensive without offering additional classes in theory or driving. Check in what is the range of prices running driving courses in your town, for the driving category you are looking for. This will give you an idea on the average price of a driving course. So you will be able to check different training packages by price,  training materials and lessons and information you have already collected.

The car

It is important to know that the choice of a car you will use to learn how to drive will reflect on your future driving ability. There is a difference of whether you learn to drive a car with diesel or petrol engine, if the car is front-wheel or rear-wheel driving vehicle, the size of a vehicle and etc. Off course you can ask the instructor to practice your driving skills on several different cars to feel the difference yourself.

car park


The gearbox type of the car is very important – whether it is a car with automatic transmission or with a manual gearbox.
REMEMBER: If you learn to drive a car with automatic transmission, your driver’s license will be valid only for cars with automatic transmission, and if decided, one day, to buy a car with a manual gearbox, your driver’s license will NOT be valid. 
So, check the car park of the driving school you selected, and find if there are vehicles you want to use, before start the course.

The region

The city region where the practical part of a driving course in held is a key element. More traffic, with more traffic signs, traffic lights, traffic lanes and different road users in the region is better for your learning process. It will help you to get used to the traffic and build your basic driving habits. Do not avoid driving hours on the ground. At first glance it seems boring and a waste of time, but are a valuable addition to your driving skills.

city traffic

The season

Probably you know how different can be kept the one and the same car on the road, at the same speed, but different weather conditions (puddles on the road, rain, fog, ice, snow …).

winter roads


If you have the opportunity to choose the season when to start your driving lessons, select autumn, winter or early spring time, when the weather is so unpredictable.

You should know that you have the right to sign up for extra driving lessons hours driving (even if you already have a driver’s license) just to your refresh your knowledge, driving skills or to get used to a strong traffic if (you learned in a small town, for example) or if you have no experience in driving in winter conditions.

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