New test will detect the tired drivers

Police in Victoria considering to use a new road test to assess the fatigue in the drivers of motor vehicles. This test uses a camera that is able to track eye movements, blinking and the ability of the eye to scan the road.

The new technology can be used in a similar manner as the already known and RBT (random breath testing for alcohol) or RDT (roadside drug tests) tests.

While the police is optimistic about the use of the new technology among the general the concepts is not fully supported. Various social media commented and calling the idea „stupid“ and „frivolous.“

Driver fatigue plays a significant role in traffic accidents in Victoria. Studies of road accidents in Europe show that the driver fatigue is as dangerous as drink driving. But there is still no EU legislation or procedure to reduce fatigue related traffic accidents. So the police in Victoria decided to seek new and alternative technology and approaches to reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by tired drivers.

If you want to test your alertness and the level of fatigue you can try testyourtiredself.com.au.


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