Roundabound with more than 2 exits – is it intersection of equivalent roads or not?

It seems passing the roundabound is difficult to understand not only the young drivers but the experienced too.

Recently we have been contacted, by our reader, on a specific traffic situation that we are going to discuss in the article.

First of all let remember what is the intersection of equivalent roads:

The intersection of equivalent roads is the point where the 2 or more roads are crossing each other and all roads have one and the same status according the priority of way. Also on this type of intersection there is no any road signs on the priority of way

This is the situation:

In this particular case the intersection is regulated. It is important to understand that this is not an intersection of equivalent roads, because there are several road signs on the priority of way.

Road sign B1 „“The road without right of way. Give a way to vehicles from the priority road.“ is placed just on the intersection and shows you that you are on the road without priority of way and the road you are driving on is crossing the priority road (which is the roundabound in this case).

Road sign G12 „Roundabound“ is used only to warn that the forthcoming entry into a roundabout is ahead and shows the mandatory direction for entering into the roundabound (to the right on the direction of the movement).

So finally we can see that the vehicles already entered in the roundabound has the priority of way. All vehicles incoming on the roads signalized with the road sign B1 are obliged to give a way to vehicles from the roundabound.

More about traffic rules related to entering the roundabounds.

More about the „priority of the right most“ rule and how to cross unregulated junctions


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