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Spain with new measures against repeated drunk and drugged drivers

Spain government is going to amend new changes in Road safety and Traffic Laws, which aims to stop the repeated traffic violations caused by drunk or drugged drivers.

New measures and stronger penalties are planned to be  discussed in the beginning of April 2017  (as higher fines, withdrawal of checkpoints, etc.). The proposed measures are mainly against the repeated traffic accidents caused by drunk and drugged drivers.


Road accidents in the country caused by drunken or drugged drivers have a particularly high share in the traffic accidents in Spain.

According this, over 50 measures (concerning changes in Road Traffic Law and Road Safety Law) proposed and published public on 31 January 2017 will be discussed and voted in the beginning of April 2017.

Among the proposed measures are withdrawing control points, obligatory refresher courses and courses to restore the lost control points.

The proposed legislative changes are categorized into five main areas:

  • New penalties – a list of minor traffic violation will be established (as throwing a cigarette out the window or manipulate the tachograph data) for which the withdrawal of control points will not be imposed;
  • Repeated infringements – some of the more strongest measures and penalties will be imposed to drunk or intoxicated drivers;
  • Foreign drivers – another problem on the Spain road are the foreign drivers that are not considered with the Span traffic rules;
  • Amending a special driving courses to restore lost control points
  • Еncouragement of good drivers – as better conditions for compulsory insurance, etc.

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