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New speeding fines in UK from 24 April 2017 – see why

New higher fines for speeding will be imposed in UK after 24 April 2017.

In compliance with the last changes in the traffic Law in the UK, the fines for speeding will increase with 150% from £ 1,000 to £ 2,500.

Till now the minimal fine for speeding was £ 100 and withdrawal of 3 penalty points.

Since 24 April, the drivers will be imposed with a fine calculated as a % from their weekly income, as the  percentage (in calculation of the fine) will depends of the type of the traffic offence.

For example, for speeding more than 41 mph (in speed limit of 20 mph) the fine could be calculated as 150% from driver’s weekly income.

The new system for calculation of the fine is divided in 3 bands, that depends on the traffic offence categories. A fine is usually based on one of three bands (A, B or C). The selection of the relevant fine band, and the position of the individual offence within that band, is determined by the seriousness of the offence. In some cases fine bands D – F may be used even where the community or custody threshold have been passed.

Band Starting point Range
Band A 50% of relevant weekly income 25%-75% of relevant weekly income
Band B 100% of relevant weekly income 75% – 125% of relevant weekly income
Band С 150% of relevant weekly income 125% – 175% of relevant weekly income
Band Д 250% of relevant weekly income 200% – 300% of relevant weekly income
Band Е 400% of relevant weekly income 300% – 500% of relevant weekly income
Bad F 600 % of relevant weekly income 500% – 700% of relevant weekly income


More about fines for speeding and other traffic violation in UK read here.

Source: https://www.sentencingcouncil.org.uk

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