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Bulgaria: Vehicles temporary stopped for movement as penalty for traffic violations

In compliance with the last changes in the Traffic law in Bulgaria (since 2017) „vehicle temporary will be stopped for movement“ in case of violation of the traffic rules as:

  • the vehicle is technically malfunctioning, including when the content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases and/or the noise is above the established standards or the vehicle design has been modified without the appropriate authorization;
  • the vehicle carries a dangerous load but does not meet the requirements for the class and type of cargo carried;
  • if the owner drives a vehicle that does not have a valid compulsory Liability insurance;
  • if the vehicle is marked with identification signs for passenger taxi transport but it is not included in the official list for a licensed taxi transportation;
  • when the silencers have been removed from the vehicle;
  • when the vignette price is not paid, or the vignette stiker is not valid, or the valid vignette  sticker is not stuck on the windscreen of the vehicle according the the Traffic Law requirements;
  • of the owner who admits or gives a person who does not hold the relevant or valid driving license and/or has used alcohol with a blood concentration of more than 0.5 per thousand, narcotic drugs or their analogues, to drive his/her vehicle;
  • if the owner drives the vehicle with a penalty imposed but the fine is not paid within the period of voluntary payment;
  • if the owner who, when driving a vehicle, exceeds the maximum permitted speed (in populated areas) with over 50 km/h;
  • if the owner of a vehicle admits, organizes or grants the management of a vehicle to a person to participate in unregulated road competitions on the public roads or uses the roads for purposes that are not in compliance with the Traffic Law;
  • if the owner drives a vehicle or allows other person to drive the vehicle, in the road sections temporary prohibited for driving (designed by the relevant road sign);


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