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Volvo New Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection System

Volvo Buses demonstrates its pedestrian and cyclist detection system for busy cities.

The new system is designed to cut the number of road traffic deaths. It is continuously monitors the bus’s vicinity and transmits a sound to warn other road-users when they get too near the bus. The driver is also alerted via sound and light signals inside the vehicle and if there is an imminent risk of an incident, the bus’s horn is activated.

The pedestrian and cyclist detection, a radar unit assesses the speed of objects and works with a fast-acting camera that serves to profile the size and shape of the objects. It continually monitors movements, trajectories and profiles of objects.

If the system calculates that contact is imminent, a red warning illuminates in front of the driver. If the driver does react to the warning, the system stands down. If the driver does not react to the warning, full braking pressure is engaged autonomously and sufficient to engage the anti-lock braking system. It doesn’t guarantee accident avoidance (no such system does) but it will lessen impact severity and could completely avert an impact.

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