What is reduced visibility? Traffic rules in reduced visibility conditions

Reduced visibility

„Driving in fog, rain, heavy snow, dusk or hail can greatly reduce driver’s visibility“ .

reduced visibility due fog

reduced visibility due heavy snow

reduced visibility due dust

reduced visibility due dusk


Driving in reduced visibility conditions
In conditions of reduced visibility, all motor vehicles and trams must be equipped with dipped or main beam on, also the lamps and light at the rear registration plate must be switched on.

The bicyclists driving outside populated areas, in nighttime or reduced visibility conditions, are obliged to wear a reflective vest and driving as close as possible to the right border of the roadway.

Additional fog lamps (of the vehicles) is allowed  to be used only at visibility greatly reduced (at a distance up to 50 m) due to fog, snow, rain or other similar conditions.

Stop and park in reduced visibility conditions

In case of reduced visibility, vehicles stopped on the roadway, outside populated area, are required to be signalized with identification lights switched on.
Vehicle stopped on the emergency lane of a highway (or speedway) is required to be signalized with a warning reflective triangle or emergency lights on.

Towing a vehicle in reduced visibility conditions
The towing vehicle must be signalized with dipped beams and emergency signal  on, and the towed vehicle must be signalised with emergency lights or a warning reflective triangle placed behind and a red light placed to the left behind.

Greatly reduced visibility (less than 50m)
A special road traffic rules must be applied it greatly reduced visibility  conditions (less than 50 meters).

In case of greatly reduced visibility (below 50 meters) is prohibited:

Additional rear fog light (in red color) is allowed to be used  only when visibility is reduced below 50 meters.

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