Can We Control Electric Bike Through the Internet?

And the answer is… YES, we can!

All of us already known that the  electric bikes exists, but o be able to control it online is just great.

The innovative mechanism of operation of the Electric S bike is absolutely new and disruptive technology.

Actually they  powered through an electric motor, so what is the new one?

Click on the image to see the video and understand the Electric E bike concept.

electric bike

The S bike is equipped with a Bluetooth, which actually provides greater level of security. You can lock and unlock your bike remotely.

Battery powered bike can travel 75 miles on a single charge, because of the new locking feature and display monitoring. The amazing alternative mechanisms for adjustable speeds, and all of its other features make it incredibly stylish design.

One of the best abilities the user gains when having an internet connected bike is no longer having to hassle with keys, or remembering your bike lock’s combination. Now you can simply unlock the bike with a tap of your screen.

The bike has own GPS system, so if someone does steal your bike, the system will help you and the police to locate the bike easily.