New car tax rules in UK

A new tax car rule is applied in UK since 1 april 2017.

According the new rules only electric and hydrogen vehicles will be exempt – and all other cars will pay a flat rate.

Vehicles that emitting 99 g/km CO2, and are bought before April 1 will be free of road tax for life.

But vehicles bought after 1 april will have to pay additional eco tax, for example:

  • Vehicles, emitting 131 g/km CO2, will be taxed with £ 200 instead of £ 130.
  • Vehicles, emitting 151 g/km  CO2, will be taxed with £ 500 instead of £ 180.
  • Vehicles, emitting 171 g/km CO2, will be taxed with £ 800 instead of £ 295.
  • Vehicles, emitting 191 g/km CO2, will be taxed with £ 1,200 instead of £ 490.

The highest possible tax will be applied to vehicles emitting over 255 g/km, and will rise from £1,100 to £2,000.

See how the new car tax rules are going to impact you:


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